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Undulate - An Anthology of Poetry and Illustrations

Undulate by Emina Aliyyah Ashman.jpg

"Undulate through the pages and breathe along with the rhythms. May the pictures of my mind mingle with yours."

'Undulate' is a book I wrote and self-published in Kuala Lumpur before moving to Melbourne. It explores and expresses the beauty of humanity, emotional intimacy and the joy of life from the eyes of someone on the cusp of womanhood.


Price: AUS 15/MYR 45
(All proceeds go to the National Society for the Deaf Malaysia.)

For those wanting to purchase this based in Kuala Lumpur please click here to make an order.

To those wanting to purchase it directly from me, please go through this site's contact page.

Please note that additional charges may apply in regards to shipping costs.)




Cover design by Emina Ashman


As an adolescent girl, I was very much captivated by colour and obsessed with fragrance copywriting and print ads. I desired to create transient impressions of embodied experiences of mine by inter-playing with different senses within my language.  In terms of the arrangement of my poem in this book, I even used a scent wheel as model for inspiration I categorised my poems into four compartments, depicting each poem as either 'floral, fresh, oriental and woody'. My mixed-media abstract illustrations are also responses to my experimentation with the concept of scent and sight in this book.


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