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I am a creative empath who loves nurturing those around me. As of late, my earthwork and offerings contour around evoking and re-awakening people to their heart's strongest callings whether it be through holding space as they cultivate their own creative energy, tangibly assisting them with bringing aspirations into fruition or simply inspiring them through the sharing of my own artistic expression. Regardless of whatever form these exchanges take, I am grateful for the people that I have been blessed to work with and the knowledge and inspiration I derive from every experience. 


 "Emina’s performance was mesmerising, fluid and strong. Honouring the divine feminine, she is embodied and it really comes through on and off the stage. Poetic, a master of word craft fused with meaning. Emina intertwined and captured the mystical, the cosmic, the worldly with grace, creativity, playfulness and intelligence, honouring the path of her heart. Emina is fully committed to her feminine unfolding. In my guided sessions and throughout, l have witnessed Emina understand her sacred feminine self on deeper levels, including in her desired chosen path and expression with greater confidence, conviction and trust. Owning and sharing her unique essence and embodied feminine power."

-on 'Make Me A Houri'

Laura Solis of Laura Solis Movement
- Feminine Embodiment Facilitator 


This is a genuinely gentle and subtle play which says much, deceptively simply and is worth entering for the fresh perspectives it offers and the delightful warmth of these two very unique performers untangling the strange ambiguous threads of culture and the experience

of being in a body together. 

-on 'Make Me A Houri'

Cathy Hunt
Director, Dramaturg and Writer

"Recently, I wanted to create more content for my new website. Due to Emina’s background in performing arts & creative writing, my decision to approach her to help me bring it to completion was the most logical choice. Emina helped me to articulate & convey my messages with clarity, confidence and certainty. We worked together with no hesitation, through a beautiful unfoldment of dialogue that extended beyond copy-writing and content presentation for the website.

Her consultation was not only constructive, but also opened up to further discussions between her and I around my own enhancing of creativity. I am so grateful to Emina for her time and patience & allowing me to remain in my authentic & truthful expression. If you are in the space to explore a little bit more of your own creative flair, I can’t recommend her enough!"

Emma Edwick of Perpetual Breath
- Breathwork Facilitator and Transformation Coach 

 "What is most powerful for me is the freshness of voice in a story from a culture and belief system from which transgressive works of this nature seldom emerge. Watching the play, I felt like I was able to discover a new world of experience and access a mythology generously shared. The framing of the central character Asmara’s coming of age story that combines the rigidity of religious belief with the conflicting sensuousness of sexual awakening is fresh and deeply compelling. This delicate material is handled deftly by Ashman in her distinctive and superbly evocative dialogue which captures the most fleeting moments, observations and sensations almost synesthetically."

Robert Walton - Masters in Dramaturgy and Lecturer in Theatre at Victorian College of the Arts 


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