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"The character of Poison Ivy was my earliest role model and it is no surprise that I am the woman I am today because of her symbolic influence on me. My parents would find me ensnaring furniture with my green feather boa whilst blowing invisible magic dust into the air.

Poison Ivy was a luscious reflection of life and death. She represented all things natural, all things sensual, and all things ephemeral. She brought me down to earth and provoked me into questioning my own mortality. She led me to collect crystals, study geography and reminded me to stay in tune with the natural cycles of my body.

This photo was taken on my 7th birthday party right before I had learnt about the Izmit earthquakes in Turkey that occurred.

That was the day I tried to understand natural disasters and dying. It is my earliest and darkest memory of fear. The event had catalysed a deep desire to discover how to transmute loss into light, through love, art and creativity.  The greatest gift grief can give is gratitude.

My multi-faceted art has always been a mystical reflection on the purposes of my soul and skin and the beauty of connection."



Stardust: A piece of poetry performance art in 2018. 

Here is a very raw, rough-cut performance of mine as part of Kuala Lumpur's In Defence of Poetry Art Exhibition opening night. My intention with this is purely to speak from a place of intuition and truth.

This is a tribute to my late father who passed away in 2012. It is a dedication of love, light and stardust to a man whose spirit continues to teach me that the heart is limitless. Here is a poetic expression of grief and gratitude towards losing him suddenly from an asthma attack.

This collection of poems and reflections stem from my this creative and emotional process. They date back from 2012 all the way up to 2018, but I gave myself a week to put everything together, so my mind wouldn't get too much in the way of what my soul wanted to say that night. It is a relatively unfiltered reflection of my process of holding on and letting go throughout this time of mourning.


 An excerpt from "Stardust"


"Are you listening through these flowers?

Your grave fizzed on to my fingers
I felt your light reach up towards my palm.
as if you were jumping up from the other side.
Light splutters across the universe
from your dimensions into mine 
in the shape of some
beautiful delusion

I used to see you in suits
Now I feel you in streams."

2012- 2015

"It is difficult to respond to you/the piece because it seems charged by a perimeter of some sort of charge - something sacred, really - you and your father - your father - I cannot bring myself to comment on the work itself because I sense some spirit prowling around the edge like a lioness."

-Tim Wotherspoon (Creative)

A transpiration of some prose, some poetry and a lot of personal memories

🌟🌟🌟🌟 I got four stars for a review P

A photo of me sharing my four stars from a play review of my play 'Make Me A Houri' with my father's spirit as means of saying thank you for his never-ending love, guidance and support even from up above. His passing set the premise of this work. Read here to discover how it did.

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