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heartistic expression as spiritual practice

I move into this symbolic decade clearly as a channeller of heart-chakra transmissions of love and wisdom. It’s soul satisfying to have re-discovered the forms, modalities and languages that have assisted me in finally transmuting and materialising these energies onto the earthly plane, from soul into skin through creative expression. I want my work to assist with opening and connecting people to the power of their hearts, by inviting them to experience images from a perspective that favours beauty, connection and inspiration, sourced from an inquisitive, unguarded and embodied space. This is how I use art to bring 'heaven on earth' into the consciousness of those who engage with my work.

I am also passionate about using my art to raise and celebrate the spiritual and emotional consciousness of men. I invite them to engage with my voice. I am driven by a desire to help heal, cleanse and bring union to the collective masculine and feminine energies. I'd love for masculines to witness their own sacred light and strength reflected back to them through my art.

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