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Emina is a performer, poet, princess and priestess.

Her performances are are ones that mesmerise, and enchant, she expresses wisdom, charm and passion and she creatively transpires what she channels from the divine.

Having had a Sufi Malaysian prince for a late father,
Emina is inspiring those around her as she comes into her own personal power, through her own expressions of creative resilience and spiritual artistry. She dances, she sings, she writes, she draws. 

Her art is Lemurian in essence.

Emina's stories are provocative, moving embodiments of fantasy merging into reality. In her life, it's not about proving the fairy-tale wrong, it's about owning it. She witnesses magic, art, beauty and poetry in her life and believes that the more poetry she births and bares to the world, the more poetry she experiences in life. A gift she gives and receives. Poetry is her spiritual way into accessing and anchoring fifth-dimension frequencies, spinning stories of sensation, symbolism and synchronicities.

She is a creation of spark between an Ascended Master father and Earth Angel mother.


One of her many gifts include her ability of supporting women, she is a healer that nurtures the feelings of those around her, and has an ability to evoke and re-awaken a woman to her soul's true callings whether it be through conscious copy-writing or energetically holding space for them.

Emina has the intention to magnetise men to her work as well. She desires to speak to their hearts and is passionate about  celebrating the rise in consciousness of awakening men. Her play Make Me A Houri was a testament to this. One of her
aspirations with this production was to,"allow the masculines to witness their sacred beauty and strength reflected back to them and open up to the sacred power (of their hearts)" by feeling the words and hearing it from the perspective of another.

Emina is also a crystal healer, massage therapist, and facilitator of women's circles; where she
intuitively infuses her tropical mystical royal lineage and cultures heritage, shamanic leanings,
her father's esoteric Sufi teachings/islamic cultural background
and her own feminine innate wisdom from past lifetimes as a high priestess and Lemurian princess.

Emina is a certified lomilomi bodyworker. Lomilomi is an intutive, heart-centered Hawaiian spiritual massage,
that works on the receiver's mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. It is born out of ancient Hawaiian wisdom,
and works with the concept of Aloha, unconditional love.It consists of long, flowing strokes across the body with 
some gentle stretches. It is an embodied experience that invites the receiver to enter a state of harmonious alignment ; drawing upon Hawaiian cultural practices and the philosophy of Aloha and Ho'o'pono'pono. 

She is an earth goddess.
She is an empress.
She chooses love over fear.
She rebirths, and desires to create
heaven on earth

Emina is in divine union with Joshua Lucas Lindsay, her divine masculine counterpart
also known as AKSANIC to those in the electronic music space. They are also lightworkers
and artists driven to infuse fifth-dimension energies into the evolving world around them
through their anchoring of love and light frequencies.


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