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 An excerpt from "Stardust"

You were always a star dust boy to me
A Sufi leader fuelled by your desire
to follow a sharp line
Straight back up to the Divine
A diamond struck your secret heart
and you fell head over heels in love
Your 3D prism body tumbles
into all the shapes that came with
the fascination with your newfound fragmentation.
as you expanded into dimensions I couldn’t reach
and met with angles I couldn’t measure
You loved shapes.
It’s probably why you loved stars
They had points.
A pattern of principles I resisted to work out.
You wanted to be in sequence, in accordance, in alignment.
Like a perfectly inelastic price elastic diagram
in my economics textbook.
Never to scale.

I couldn’t compete with your fractal fairy-tale 
So we will speak now, amongst folds of flowers
I drop my crumpled mind into the crinkles of orchids.
My fragrant pain finds itself splashing
across you from the blush of rosewater

Fresh and trembling,
Every petal, 
your petrified daughter
collapsing into her own growth.

Stay with me.
You smile at me through tattered jasmine
amongst rain and restless ants.
I can’t translate your voice
and have no choice
but to hear you now through songs of violet stars,
rhythms of streetlights and scars
as I cling on to the strums of Santana
to paint your shards of soul
and the synth of Pink Floyd to form it

Are you listening through these flowers?

Your grave fizzed on to my fingers
I felt your light reach up towards my palm.
as if you were jumping up from the other side.
Light splutters across the universe
from your dimensions into mine 
in the shape of some
beautiful delusion

I used to see you in suits
Now I feel you in streams.

2012- 2015

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